Sunday, March 24, 2013

Internship Student

Ni lah adik-adik praktikal di office aku. Wafi, Faiz, Shasha & Ikyn. Intake Disember 2012 - Mei 2013. They'll finish their internship soon. I'm gonna miss them. We had spent some time together. Belajar coding, main ping pong, jalan-jalan kat Jusco Bukit Indah. I'll remember them.

Wafi, Faiz, Me & Shasha


network said...

send me my best regard to the 'black sweater' boy. tell him, next time, please do queue while pay/buy foods down there.. I don't know them, but, they're probably a good boys and girls. so, please make my first impression upon them (especially that black sweater guy) a good one. TQ Jannah.. :)

nuyuljana said...

Ok. I've told them. Don't make bad impressions about them. They are good people. Thanks for the advice.