Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Suitable Title Found

Dear blog,

I don't know why I feel life is dull and boring. I avoid all calls. I don't eat regularly. I sleep too much. I keep missing my late mum. I guess I'm in sullenness. I hate some people that I love. I'm having migraine right now. Don't think that I could drive safely. So, I choose to stay for a while and write whatever things that across in my mind.

My current job is full of tiredness. I really hope the new staff will be hired soon. Oh My God. So tired. My brain. Do you really understand how I feel? If yes, thank you. If no, let me punch you on your face. haha. Just kidding dear.

I've start thinking about my birthday which is just around the corner. I don't feel excited as usual. Don’t know why. I'm not in good mood though. Dem! Why so sudden this feeling stuck in my heart. I wish I could throw it away as soon as possible. :(

I've learn new guitar chord. Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya and Melda Ahmad - Putus.

I think that's all for now. I need to get back home before my dad start to worry about me. Plus, I have a date with TORCHWOOD.

Till then. See ya!

Footnote: I don't know who I am right now but seriously this isn't me at all. *sigh*

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♠ y.a.n.i.e putrajaya ♠ said...

lagu PUTUS melda ahmad memang syok...