Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Change

I made a big change in my life today. I made a step ahead to achieve what I really want. To be fit and healthy as well. I just started my official aerobic session in dance studio. This is what I really want 2 years ago but the plan is just like warm warm chicken shit. Haha.

I really want to change my mindset. Need to balance between work and work out. Just now, the instructor measured my waist, hip, height and weight. When I saw my weight, I felt like wanna faint on the spot. I gained 10kg in 2 years. Crazy la. Seriously, I didn't believe it. So do the instructor. When she calculated my fat using a machine, I got 70kg plus plus FAT in my body. Can you imagine how heavy it is? How come the fat can be that heavy? *thinking hardly*

I really hope I can make it. I really want to lose my weight. How bad I want it? Really bad. 

note : I slept at my officemate's house for two days. Now, I really miss her sons. Oh man. I miss Anas damn much. ='(

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