Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All About Yuna

Hey guys,

This morning, I opened Yuna's facebook, guess what? I found her blog! yerp! It's for real. I've searching here blog for quite some time. hey! I find it today!! woooot! I know that u guys don't feel what I'm feeling rite now. to be honest, I'm feeling damn great. i read all about her. and the most unbelievable thing was she started her blog same day as well as mine. It was on 5th July 2008. OMG! seriously I'm so surprise. but I'm feeling lucky after all. don't u think we both have strong chemistry? ha ha. XD

taken from Yuna's blog

Yuna's Blog | IAMJetFuelShop

note inside rocket : her songs drive me crazy! currently I'm so into backpacking around Europe EP. she really makes my day. ;)

till then, daa.

*ended with the biggest smile ever*


izman said...

yuna? aku mmg sgt2 minat suara dia. memang lain dan uniq la.

salam kenal2.

nuyuljana said...

same goes to me.


salam kenal.

haruan tasek said...

sebarkan... blog dia

najwa hazirah halmi said...

yuna tuh senior wa kat shah alam...

(proud gler kowt!!uhuhu)

nuyuljana said...

haruan - yup. suda sebarkan. ;)

najwa - yeke? if i were u, i'll feel the same way. :)