Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Missing Stars

yesterday, dark was covering every inch of my sight.
i couldn't see anything.
there was blackout.
suddenly all the memories flashed back.

that night, only the moonlight could shine the darkness.
we put the mattress in the balcony.
we lie down and count the stars.
i heard the sound of guitar string.
playing his favorite songs.
we sang together until we slept.
we don't even knew when the light turned on.

now, we are apart.
we gone through our own ways.
i do hope that i could hug you again.
so that you know how much i love you.


ayampinko said...

semoga beliau di cucuri rahmat

bias® said...

berangan ker?

aloy_paradoks said...

tak sampai seratus lagi kot..

haruan tasek said...

cari bintang apa tu?