Saturday, January 15, 2011


I am having a very good rest today. Pay back all the sleepiness I've been thru for a couple of weeks. Doing nothing much except for the home works. I just sit in my room watching three movies non stop. haha. I really miss these days. Watching korean movies until I feel like throwing up. I bought a new shawl and cardigan. really like it. I went for a visit to my home site. It's almost done and I feel totally delight. I wait it for years. Can't wait to move in. Hope that everything will go smoothly. Hope my dad will be so happy. I love you dad. He's not feeling so good. Last night I put some eye more in his eyes because he had an eye problem. Hope that he'll be fine soon. I miss my mom. I didn't went to her grave for quite a long time. I should go. I miss her hug and cook very much. I feel so lonely right now. Don't know why. Unstable emotion maybe. I just want to hug someone so badly. It's hard to explain what I'm feeling right now. I guess the guitar could make me feel better. perhaps.


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