Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ais Sakating.. whee~

semalam(9/01/09), aku g main ice skating with my friend.. huhuhu.. i got lots of fun.. and for the first time, i falled down.. hahaha.. it's all wet.. luckily he skated very well.. so, i felt safe n secured (yeye jew) hahaha.. aku main ice skating almost 3 hours.. berbaloi la sbb kaki aku x sakit mcm mase 1st time main ngan ogy..

he & me

friend of mine

me on ice

lepas dah penat menunjukkan skill masing2, kitorg pn lepak la kt a&w mkn ice cream wafer.. kenyang giler!!!

he treats me (^_^)

i enjoyed myself.. it's really fun.. to K.A, thanks a lot for being with me.. really appreciate that.. hope it'll be a sweet memory for us.. ngee~

NotaKaki : Sorry sbb xdpt publish gambar my friend.. he's too handsome lorr.. hahaha.. =P

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