Monday, January 12, 2009

Full Of Bliss~

being loved

mowning.. pagi yg indah.. bgn pg solat subuh.. sempat kiss mamat, my sister, daddy, iqbal, atok, meow.. i got msg from krie.. aku g kejew awal.. i juz feel that God had fulfilled my pray.. my life is sooo perfect.. i have lots of love.. thank you Allah for creating the best people around me.. i feel that if i die today, there's nothing that i wanna regret about.. coz i got what i want.. i juz need real love & bliss and Allah give it to me already.. i'm so thankful.. Allah really hears me out.. Alhamdulillah..

huhu.. this morning i got 3 new practical students.. i taught them about jboss.. hope that i can be the best teacher for them.. wheee~ indahnye hidup ini...

listening to : D'Masiv - Tak Bisa Hidup Tanpamu
Venue : Technopark, Skudai
Date& Time : 12 Januari 2009 - 12.27 p.m
reminder : happy birthday to bazilah a.k.a cc..
mood : blessed!


Royal Butter said...

macam tajuk entri aku jer..
tu jer aku nak komen..wahaha!

nuyuljana said...

erk! yekew??
aku da lama xbaca blog ko..
xtaw plak sama..